Person in wheelchair moving down hallway of office

Mix & Mingle


Our new special program has grown exponentially since its first gathering July 2019. Mix & Mingle is an opportunity for our consumers, their friends, family, caregivers and our staff to enjoy refreshments, have an opportunity to express themselves in a creative manner, and most importantly have fun.

You cannot put a price on fellowship. To enjoy the company of others who are similar yet different enriches the lives of all people. All Solutions to Independence staff are people with disabilities. As people with disabilities we will tell you “we are so much more.” We are daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers, sisters, community leaders, hardworking, volunteers, veterans , and much, much more all dedicated to the greater good.

We do a variety of crafts including frames, jewelry making, interest boards, painting, stamping, paper craft, movies (as requested by consumers), lively discussion, games, and everyone participates.

Our members have a variety of disabilities, so we all feel comfortable and help one another when asked.

While most participants are consumers who are actively seeking changes in their lives, the Mix & Mingle is time to relax and have fun. It’s a “stress-free” zone.