It is a picture of a mid age woman in a wheelchair reaching to put a book in place. The table has a table cloth on it that is colorful. The sun is coming from the windows lighting up the table full of book.

Living independently doesn’t look exactly the same for every individual, and we understand that.

Solutions For Independence will work with you in learning skills that enhance your ability to live independently such as budgeting, cooking, use of public transportation, and any other skills that you choose. Individual or group training on a variety of topics is available:

  • Travel training and using public transportation—learn how to access public transportation including the bus routes and/or paratransit
  • Budgeting and money management—everybody needs financial skills so that you can make informed decisions about where your money is going
  • Computer Skills—basic computer skills can empower you to access the internet and the vast amount of information that is available
  • Cooking—learn how to operate a microwave, turn on a stove, boil water and/or prepare simple meals
  • Communication—whether you have a vision, hearing or speech disability, you can communicate with, receive information from and convey information to others