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Makeup Artist Creates Brand for People With Shaky Hands


[Image Description:  Six different kinds of makeup brushes are arrayed in a fan, bristles pointing downward. They all have black handles and black ferrules, except for the brush on the far left, which has a rose gold ferrule. The bristles on the makeup brushes range from dark brown to red to cream.]

For people who enjoy makeup, the ability to create bold brows, clean cat-eyes, and defined lashes is often a point of pride as well as something taken for granted.

But for people whose diagnoses or medications leave them with shaky hands or a weak grip, makeup can go from a means of self-expression to what feels like an insurmountable challenge.

Makeup artist Terri Bryant experienced this when she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Makeup was not only a form of artistic expression for Bryant, it was her livelihood. She used her diagnosis to revolutionize makeup tools and application. Her new line, Guide Beauty, currently features eyebrow gel, mascara, and eyeliner, all designed to be easy to hold and apply. Bryant hopes that her line won’t just be beneficial to people with diagnoses like hers, but for anyone who wants to learn and experiment with makeup.

We think Terri Bryant’s innovation is great. While wearing or not wearing makeup is often a personal choice, the ability to make that choice is significant. We’re really looking forward to seeing how Guide Beauty continues to innovate in the future.

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