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Uniting for an HIV-Free Future: Observing World AIDS Day

December 1st is World AIDS Day, an important day for our Triad community and nearby areas to come together. We want to tell you about HIV, stand with those who have it, and remember those who got sick from it. This day reminds us that we are still working hard to stop HIV/AIDS and make it go away.

In recent years, we as a community have done a lot to fight AIDS. Medicine called antiretroviral therapy (ART) helps people with HIV live better. We have also taught more people about AIDS, and because of that, fewer people are getting HIV. This is a good step toward stopping AIDS.

In Winston-Salem, there is a group called Positive Wellness Alliance (PWA) and their mission is to to eradicate stigma, while providing services, support, and community to improve the quality of life of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. They accomplish their mission by helping individuals living with HIV/AIDS access to medicine, financial support, and housing assistance. 

Learning is very important to stop HIV/AIDS. On World AIDS Day, we want to teach more about how HIV spreads and how to stop it. We also want to teach in schools and communities so everyone can make good choices and not get HIV.

In Winston-Salem, there is a program called POSSE Health. They help with infections and HIV. They teach, test, and help those who are affected. One in five people might not know they have HIV, so testing is very important.

“Know Your Status” is something we say on World AIDS Day. Testing helps us know if we have HIV. If we know, we can get help and stop spreading it to others. Testing is not just for one person, it’s for all of us to be safe from HIV.

As we celebrate World AIDS Day, we look ahead with hope. We want to stop AIDS and make sure no one gets sick from it. We need to keep learning, researching, and helping everyone. By being kind, stopping mean feelings, helping with health care, and teaching, we can make a world where HIV is not a problem.


Positive Wellness Alliance https://www.positivewellnessalliance.org/

400 East Center St

Lexington, NC, 27292


POSSE Health https://possehealth.org/default.aspx

799 North Highland Avenue

Winston-Salem, NC 27102


336-703-3209 español