[A photo of Cameron Egan. She is standing next to a pillar and posing at the camera. She is wearing a light blue jumpsuit and a gold graduation sash. She is smiling at the camera.]

Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month

April marks Limb Loss Awareness Month, a time dedicated to acknowledging the experiences and adaptations of people living with limb differences, including those born with conditions like VACTERL association, also known as VATER syndrome. This month, we spotlight Cameron, a vital member of our team, who was born with VACTERL association—a rare disorder characterized by a series of birth defects affecting different parts of the body.

Cameron, who navigates daily life and her work responsibilities with a prosthetic leg, brings a unique perspective to our agency. Cameron faced numerous surgeries and challenges from a young age due to birth differences associated with her condition. Despite these challenges, she has developed a keen ability to adapt tools and environments to enhance functionality and accessibility, both for herself and others.

Her role at SICIL primarily involves working with community members who experience disabilities to learn to live independently potentially for the first time, where her firsthand understanding of adaptive technologies significantly benefits the community members she is serving. Cameron’s expertise in accessibility is not just practical but also strategic, helping us ensure that our services are inclusive and considerate of all community member’s needs.

This Limb Loss Awareness Month, we highlight Cameron’s contributions to our agency and the broader community. Her extensive knowledge of adaptive solutions and commitment to creating an accessible environment are invaluable. Her work helps pave the way for a more accommodating world, where people of all abilities can access the services and support they need effectively.