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Achieving Housing Goals with Solutions for Independence

Early this year at Solutions for Independence (SICIL), a Community Inclusion Specialist (CIS) shared exciting news about a community member’s progress towards her housing goals. The community member happily announced that she had purchased a new home in Bermuda Run, using funds inherited from her mother. With help from the CIS, who offered strategies through peer support and independent living skills training, the community member gained the confidence needed to navigate the home-buying process successfully.

This milestone marks a significant achievement for the community member, who expressed gratitude for the assistance received from SICIL. Despite concerns about the closing process for the home, the community member reassured the CIS that she would reach out to the office if additional assistance was needed.

This success story highlights the vital role that support services, such as peer support and independent living skills training, play in empowering individuals to achieve their goals. Solutions for Independence remains committed to providing ongoing assistance and guidance to individuals striving for independence and self-sufficiency in their housing endeavors.

This story underscores the invaluable role of SICIL in supporting individuals to achieve their housing goals. Through personalized assistance and empowering strategies, the community member was able to navigate the challenges of purchasing a new home with confidence and determination. As we celebrate this milestone, we are reminded of the profound impact that supportive services can have in fostering independence and empowering individuals to realize their dreams.