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A Story of Community Advocacy

At Solutions for Independence (SICIL), every success story demonstrates the dedication and advocacy of the Community Inclusion Specialists (CIS) working tirelessly behind the scenes with the community that they serve. Such is the case of a recent triumph involving a CIS and a community member, demonstrating the power of advocacy in transforming lives.

Throughout the month of January, the CIS has been diligently working alongside a community member, aiming to make their quality of life and independence better. The journey had an important milestone: the community member decided to transition from an assisted living home to an apartment, by enrolling in the Enhanced Bridge Housing (EBH) program. However, this change had many challenges.

One major challenge was that the apartment the community member wanted was not accessible. Recognizing the importance of ensuring inclusivity for people with disabilities, the CIS successfully advocated to the owners of the apartment that the community member get an apartment on the bottom floor so they would not have to walk up the stairs.

The importance of this accomplishment could not be overstated. By advocating for a simple yet impactful change, the CIS not only advocated for a specific barrier but also paved the way for more inclusion within the EBH program. The community member, once at risk of exclusion because of their physical limitations, was now able to get the benefit from the program.

This story is an example on how community advocacy empowers people with disabilities. It is important to recognize and address the barriers to accessibility, allowing that all people have equal opportunities to thrive.

Additionally, it serves as a reminder of the invaluable role Community Inclusion Specialists play in the lives of their community members. The CIS’s unwavering commitment to advocating for positive change is important to create a more inclusive and equitable society.